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We are privileged to have been interviewed about our journey by the several media outlets.
Our media appearances include the following:
“Toronto comes to Ohtani” by Jim Allen [sports journalist for Kyodo News] (12/25/2018)
‘Baseball is our language.’ Love of the game (and Shohei Ohtani) runs deep among Japanese Canadians” by Laura Armstrong [Toronto Star] (04/05/2021)
“Shinjouhou 7days Newscaster” broadcasted at TBS Television in Tokyo, Japan. (06/06/2021)
“The Origins of the Shohei Ohtani Fanclub” with Jose Mota [BallySports interview] (07/16/2021)

No description available.

“大谷翔平に熱烈ファン“日ハムおじさん”現る! 男性の正体に「心強い」「ありがとう」ファンからは感謝の声も” by Yahoo Japan/ Abema times (07/17/2021)

Press Iwate Nipo article by Kouya Kiyokawa [staff writer] on the genesis of ShoheiOhtaniCanada (07/17/2021)
The Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan’s largest newspaper) article by Tsukasa Sano [LA corespondent] (07/17/2021)

“Shohei Ohtani is “a model for children around the world” Publication by Full Count [Digital baseball-specific Organization that writes and publishes articles of interest to baseball fans on the Japanese national and international platforms.] (07/17/2021)

Interview with TV Asahi (a nation wide TV program watched throughout Japan). The daily news program is entitled “Wide Scramble”. Topic: the appeal of Shohei Ohtani to aspiring little leaguers and youth around the world. The focus of the interview was on how the executive of ShoheiOhtaniCanada, who are educators, see Ohtani as a positive role model for teaching values in the classroom. (08/24/2021)

Interview with Channel Six TBS National Network, Saturday Morning News

Interview with Yomiuri Shinibun, Los Angeles Bureau. Japan’s Largest Daily Print Newspaper.

Interview with “Nonstop” Fuji TV Japan

Interview with Japan TV, Asahi News program “Sunday Live”

NHK – Japan’s largest Canadian broadcasting corporation – “Shohei in the Classroom”

Interview with Kyodo News – “OhtaniCanada at Tempe 2022”

Interview with NHK CosmoMedia America Inc. “OhtaniCanaida Donates to Stadium Workers Tempe”

Interview with Nikkei Voice, Canada’s largest Japanese Newspaper.