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May 22nd, 2018 – Recap

The Toronto Bluejays took an early lead in a 5 run 1st inning from the costly error by Chris Young off Russell Martin’s RF fly. The Angels then held the Jays scoreless for the rest of the game, giving a chance for a comeback.

First Appearance

When Shohei stepped up to the plate, the fans in Toronto welcomed him to Canada with a round of applause. At this point the Angels have yet to get a man on base, the atmosphere in the stadium was tense as everyone knew what Shohei is capable of. As he got into his batting stance, all eyes were on Shohei.

Happ delivered a 90 MPH fastball inside for a swinging strike. “I have to admit his swing is really nice” said an unnamed Bluejays fan near me. After working a full count off Happ, Shohei drew a walk of a 94 MPH fastball, first man on.

The Fans


Shohei Ohtani Fan Club Canada representative at the game. May 22nd, 2018.

There was no shortage of Shohei Ohtani fans around the stadium in Angels gear and Bluejays gear. Every time Shohei stepped up to the plate, everyone had their cell phone cameras out to capture the magic of the moment.


Shohei fans showing support with Kanji block letters

Catch Shohei tomorrow at 7:07 pm EST against Arron Sanchez (2-4, 4.47 ERA)

Shohei & Angels arrive in Toronto

The Toronto Blue Jays kicks off a three game series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tonight at the Rogers center. This is also the first time that Shohei Ohtani will play in Canada. Coming off a spectacular 9-K performance on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Rays for his 4th win (see previous post), Ohtani is ready to take a few swings against J Happ on Tuesday at the Rogers Center.

The slumping Jays, having trouble filling the stadium this season due to their abysmal slide (2-8 record in the previous 10 games), will hopefully see a boost in attendance from the appearance of Ohtani. Normally flooded with blue at the Rogers Center (the heart of multicultural Toronto), we’ll no doubt see supporters of Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani (and probably a few for Mike Trout) in the stands this evening.

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